Teen Mission Trips – How To Prepare For One



Each teen mission trip is completely unique but majority of the steps that are done to prepare for a successful trip stays the same. Here are some things that you ought to take into mind when planning for such.


Number 1. Ask People to Join the Team


The first thing that you can do is by simply talking to the members several months prior to the first mission trip meeting. This is to request them to pray on joining you. Here are ore teen mission trip ideas.


Number 2. Schedule a Trip Information Meeting


Better yet, you may consider scheduling multiple times for those who like to attend and then, do a follow up with some reminders via social media posts, texts or emails.


Number 3. Set Deadline for Applications


As a matter of fact, this is your chance to gather information on every participant who likes to join such as past mission experience, spiritual gifts, testimony, personality traits, contact information and so forth. Check this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUxHm-31J-8.


Number 4. Create a Group Site for Your Team


This is basically a place online where the team members can communicate with each other, save and download documents with trip information, post photos, ask questions and so forth.


Number 5. Hold Team Prep Meetings


Always remember that people are often busy and thus, make it a point that you are keeping your meetings purposeful and focused. Through this, it’ll make your participants to look forward to attend every meeting.


Number 6. Make a List of Important Contact Information


Actually, team members can leave it with family members before they head out.


Number 7. Make a Blog


This is a place online to which the team members can post photos as well as updates for the family members and sponsors too before, during and after the summer mission trips for teens.


Travel Logistics


It will be wise to apply for passports and therefore, all members of the team who still don’t have one is encouraged to apply. Most of the time, the processing will take at least 4 to 6 weeks but, expect that there can be delays too. In addition to that, consider booking tickets in advance and in this case, it is best that you work with a travel agent to help you in securing your tickets months ahead to be certain that your team will get the very best prices and tickets. Moreover, it is wise if you will make a list of travel tips. Better include info about appropriate dress, cultural norms in the place and so forth.


How to Plan for Your Next Mission Trip for Teens



Anytime is always a good time to plan for the next or upcoming summer’s youth mission trip. Good planning can mean the difference between success and failure, so make sure you’re on the right side. Here are tips to help you:




Of course, any trip begins with knowing where the destination will be. Where can you find the marginalized? You may need to do some research here, especially if you’re new in the area. Part of the success of a christian mission trips for teens is choosing the right place to focus your efforts on.




Find out if your church’s insurance matches the vehicles you will be using and the age of those who are driving. If you’re going with a big group, make sure you determine restroom stops that will take the traffic. And definitely, don’t forget to pack a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher in each vehicle.


Sleep and Shower


Coordinate with area churches to know if they will give the kids free sleep on the floor. Make sure the building has a shower facility. If not, look for a public pool or a local community center. For more references, visit http://www.ehow.com/about_5081495_benefits-missionary-work.html.




Find someone who will help you make arrangements for the meals. The kids should have two snacks each, aside from the regular meals. If there’s no kitchen, be creative. Prepare continental breakfasts or sack lunches. For dinner, go to the park for a grill.


Lesson Plan


Of course, your “lesson plan” or the teachings you want to impart to the kids will depend on what drove you to take them on this mission trips for teens. Make sure the children understand the why’s and how’s of the service they’re rendering, on top of biblical lessons.




A mission trip without projects and activities is plain boring, if not useless. Coordinate these things with local agencies which are working on the needs of the community you’re going to.




This will depend on how many participants there are, but the standard is one adult for each seven kids. Make sure your leaders are well-prepared for the trip, not only mentally and spiritually, but also physically.


Medical Preparedness


Finally, make sure you take an adequate medical kit with you on the trip, and someone who actually knows how to administer medications is coming along. You don’t want to risk the kids’ safety, no matter how noble your purpose is.

Tips for Planning for a Successful Teen Mission Trip

Zumba or Jazzdance - young people dancing in studio


Teenage is one of the major transitions in the life of a child. A teen is prone to experiencing plenty of changes, which may be confusing to them. At times, these changes may be pleasant or unpleasant. Planning for a teen’s mission trip can, therefore, be quite challenging. You should have leaders who are knowledgeable in the ways of handling teens. There are even times when teens are not ready to go for a trip especially if they have their summer plans. It hence becomes difficult to persuade them to go with you for summer mission trip. Below are some tips that can help you earn an ample time when traveling with teens.


o             Delegate


Mission trips for teenagers are one of the ways that can assist you in molding teenagers. It may end up be frustrating when going to a journey with complaining youths. The best way to avoid such a sad situation is to delegate with them. Make them understand the importance of the trip, which may be quite helpful.

Since youths love responsibilities which they can find appealing. It is, therefore, important to take their suggestions while planning for a trip. You can give them several websites where they can acquire budget details and even spot a sensible program. The aim of doing this is not only to get them interested but to also help them gain planning skills.


o             Mix the interest

Teenagers have an ever growing curiosity, so you should try to make the trip rewarding and enjoyable. As their leader, it means that there is a generational gap between you and them. When traveling with them, you can clearly notice it. Things that you find not attractive, to them is worth spending their time doing. Teens will always want a different experience in life. So no matter what your destination may be you should change your attitude. Visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Youth_With_A_Mission to learn more.


o             Giving them space

When having a Christian mission trip for teens, crankiness is one of the facts that you will have to deal with. It should not be anything of bother, as it is natural to them. When in a trip, teens act differently not as they tend to lock themselves in their rooms. They find it interesting to try out every presented opportunity. Their curiosity nature is a thrill to such an act. So give them space to explore and discover their abilities.


o             Offer constant plugging and unplugging directives

No matter how enjoyable the trip may be, teens still need to stay connected with their friends. Do not, therefore, offer too rigid rules on the use of their gadgets. They will always find a way to use them hence disappointing you.so do not ruin the trip for them .Give them time to communicate with their friends.


In summary, if you have young adults mission trip idea try to make it more enjoyable. An exciting trip means that they will find it worth keeping as memory. These mean that they will never forget some of the most important teachings that you may have addressed during the trip. Check out some examples of short term mission trips.