Teen Mission Trips – How To Prepare For One



Each teen mission trip is completely unique but majority of the steps that are done to prepare for a successful trip stays the same. Here are some things that you ought to take into mind when planning for such.


Number 1. Ask People to Join the Team


The first thing that you can do is by simply talking to the members several months prior to the first mission trip meeting. This is to request them to pray on joining you. Here are ore teen mission trip ideas.


Number 2. Schedule a Trip Information Meeting


Better yet, you may consider scheduling multiple times for those who like to attend and then, do a follow up with some reminders via social media posts, texts or emails.


Number 3. Set Deadline for Applications


As a matter of fact, this is your chance to gather information on every participant who likes to join such as past mission experience, spiritual gifts, testimony, personality traits, contact information and so forth. Check this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUxHm-31J-8.


Number 4. Create a Group Site for Your Team


This is basically a place online where the team members can communicate with each other, save and download documents with trip information, post photos, ask questions and so forth.


Number 5. Hold Team Prep Meetings


Always remember that people are often busy and thus, make it a point that you are keeping your meetings purposeful and focused. Through this, it’ll make your participants to look forward to attend every meeting.


Number 6. Make a List of Important Contact Information


Actually, team members can leave it with family members before they head out.


Number 7. Make a Blog


This is a place online to which the team members can post photos as well as updates for the family members and sponsors too before, during and after the summer mission trips for teens.


Travel Logistics


It will be wise to apply for passports and therefore, all members of the team who still don’t have one is encouraged to apply. Most of the time, the processing will take at least 4 to 6 weeks but, expect that there can be delays too. In addition to that, consider booking tickets in advance and in this case, it is best that you work with a travel agent to help you in securing your tickets months ahead to be certain that your team will get the very best prices and tickets. Moreover, it is wise if you will make a list of travel tips. Better include info about appropriate dress, cultural norms in the place and so forth.


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